Track Week of 3-25

Thanks for working on this. It may be best to wait until next week to get you a roster as we usually have both additions and subtractions for a while. Is that ok?


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Welcome to the 2019 Track & Field season. The kids and coaches have been working hard the last 2 weeks preparing for our season. Because we have some new coaches, it’s fitting for me to introduce our 2019 staff. Coaching this season are Dan Hoekstra ( middle distance & distance ), Tom Peterson ( sprints & hurdles ), Tim Stapert (throws), Milyan McKissack (throws), Kathryn Deacon ( middle distance & distance ), Phil Merrel (sprints & hurdles ), Cam Bredice ( sprints & long jump ) Zander Armstrong ( pole vault ), and Doug Jager ( high jump, distance & middle distance , 7 head coach ). 
We are trying to streamline practice a bit this this year, by only meeting as a whole team once per week. This will probably change as we begin our meets. In our 2 team meetings, we have emphasize the importance of making practice and communicating with your event coach(es) when you are unable to make practice. We have the following policy regarding practice: You must inform event coach(es) before practice when needing to miss. Failure to so once results in a warning. The second unexcused absence results in missing a meet, and the third unexcused absence results in dismissal from the team. Thanks for encouraging your son or daughter to clearly communicate with each event coach. 
This week we will have a scrimmage of sorts for the team. On Tuesday we are planning to have field events contested, and on Wednesday we will have a number of running events. The weather, although doesn’t look warm, will hopefully be warm enough to continue with our plans. Because of other stadium events, we must vacate the infield by 4:45 on Tuesday and 5:00 on Wednesday. Because Thursday is the eve of spring break, we will not have an organized practice. Kids may work out with their event coach if they wish, but it is not required. 
As a parent of a spring athlete, I’ve been asked to remind you that you will receive an email from the boosters club to sign up for one concessions event this spring. Thanks s much for taking this requirement seriously. The boosters really appreciate it as they raise needed funds for all sports teams at GRCHS1
When we return from spring break, it’s literally off to the races. We will have a home meet on Wednesday, April 10, and travel to Hudsonville for the annual Christian Schools Meet on Saturday, the 13th. Details for both meets in 2 weeks. 
That’s it for this first letter. Thanks so much for your support. Please pray for the team, athletes, and coaches as we seek to honor God in all we do.