Meet Cancellation

    Just before 2:00 PM, I was informed tonight’s varsity cross country race was cancelled. It’s important to know this was not a GRCHS decision but an OK White league decision. The reasons given were 1) The kids have not been given time to acclimate to wearing a mask during running. 2) Unclear direction on whether masks need to be worn even if a doctor claims it unsafe for a runner. 3) Differing interpretations on the whole mask mandate.   I’m sure this disappoints many of us, but the meet will be made up. 
    I’m asking our varsity runners who were slated to race today, to still show up at Gainey at 3:30 with their spikes for practice. We will end by 5:30.
    Finally, because our varsity is now not racing today, we plan to enter them into the CSI race Saturday at South Christian. I’m still hoping everybody can still race Saturday. Your child, and you,  will be kept informed as we learn more. 
            Thanks, Doug