Fw: Health Update

On Friday, July 15, 2016 10:50 AM, Dan Hoekstra <Dhoekstra@GRCS.ORG> wrote: Hi Doug. I don’t know how to send a message through Eagle Running. Can you post this for me if you get the chance? As you can see below, I’ll be having surgery on August 1st. See you at 6pm. Hi All, I feel bad that I haven’t been around much this summer and that I was less involved than usual during the track season. Therefore, I wanted to take a minute and update you as I finally have some answers regarding my health. Yesterday I found out the cause of the pelvic/ab pain that stopped my running back in January. It is a sports hernia or athletic pubalgia (basically a tear where the rectus abdominis muscle meets the pelvic bone) and I will be having laparoscopic surgery on August 1st. If all goes will, I can start running a few weeks later and by mid-September, there shouldn’t be any restrictions – although it will take a bit to get my legs and lungs back in shape! Also, as some of you know, I discovered at the end of May that I have one herniated disc and two budging discs in my neck (although I have no idea how this happened). This lead to variety of neck, shoulders, back and chest issues but after 1.5 months of physical therapy, I have been slowly improving. However, I still have a way to go! Its been a rough few months! Please continue to pray that my neck/back continues to improve and that the upcoming surgery is a success! I will be at running camp – just not actually running – so I’ll see many of you soon! Coach Hoekstra