Fw: Cross week of Oct 19

On Sunday, October 18, 2015 8:58 AM, Debra Jager <d_djager@yahoo.com> wrote: Parents: I trust you all have thawed out by now. Although it was our coldest day yet, the kids performed very well. There were several PR’s on our team. Both varsity teams were able to claim first place as well. Before moving on to this weeks events, a BIG THANKS to all that help yesterday and at our large meet in September. These meets take a lot of organization and parent help. We simply couldn’t host these events without you. Thanks!! Once again we have weights Monday morning at 7:15. This will be our final Monday morning session of this season. I hope to see your son or daughter there. Our meet Wednesday is at Riverside Park. It is our conference finals. Girls run at 4:45 and boys at 5:30. We will have 2 buses leave from school at 3:00. There will be a brief awards ceremony after the boys finish. One bus will return back to school. I know the kids are off school, but it is important they stay somewhat in a routine. Staying up late and sleeping till noon is not a good plan.  We will have practice on Thursday and Friday as well. Same place and time – 3:00 in all city lobby. On Saturday they should run on their own.  I’d like to also mention a few things about the following 2 weeks. ALL kids will run at our regional on Saturday, October 31 in Allendale. Our varsity teams will run first. All others will run in the PROM – post regional open meet. If our teams make it to the final the following Saturday, we will name a state team that includes those running and several alternates. Our alternates must be committed to practice with the team as if they would run the meet. They must be fully prepared and ready to step in if we have sickness or injury.  In addition, we’d like the whole team at the final. We will have 2 buses to the meet to accommodate this. All should be dressed in their eagle sweats to support the teams.  Thanks so much for praying for the team. Please pray for the kids to stay healthy and for wisdom for the coaches.  Thanks, Doug