Foot Frolic Frenzy

    If your child is doing the foot frolic frenzy this Friday, they need you to give them permission. Here is the school note:
Yes, If it’s during school hours (8:35-2:50 on Fridays) students need parent permission to leave or be excused when they come in late, and they should sign in and out with attendance. Parents can call or email attendance, or kids can bring in a signed note.
I’m copying Amber Wierenga in attendance so she’s in the loop as well.
We have lists of students that are allowed to ride with parent volunteers or other students, so if you send us the list of kids I can check if they already have permission. Otherwise their parents would have to give permission if they are riding with someone when they email or call attendance to excuse the absence. 
If it’s a lot of kids coming and going we usually give the teachers a heads up as well, so a list of students that signed up with you would be helpful.