Cross week of Oct 17

Parents: Sorry, but three more things… 1) Yes, there is a bus both directions for Tuesday’s meet. 2) We sold out of county meet t-shirts, but if you’d still like one, I’m going to look into ordering more. I would need to know the size you want by Monday night. 3) Our team banquet will be Thursday, December 1. Pizza, drinks, and place settings provided. Please bring either a dessert or salad to share. More details coming.  On Sunday, October 16, 2016 1:30 PM, Debra Jager <> wrote: Parents: It’s hard to believe, but we’ve run our final meet of the season at Gainey. I really want to thank you for all your help and support. It takes a lot of help to host 40 teams at a meet. Thanks so much for making it a great success!  I also want to thank our sponsors. We were able to put $3300.00 into our cross country gift account with sponsor money. The team also staffed the family night a few weeks ago, earning $500.00 for our team. I’ve put this money back into the team.  I hope your children have told you I have purchased chocolate milk and sports drinks all year for the kids after they run. To date I have purchased about $750.00 worth of post run drinks. In addition, I’m happy to tell you we are getting an Octane Zero Runner. This elliptical type equipment will duplicate running without any stress on the legs. This will be very helpful for our injured runners. It will arrive Tuesday and I can’t wait to try it out.( Our boosters are also contributing money for this rather expensive piece of equipment.) Here are details for this week: 1) We once again will have weights Monday morning at 7:15. Hope to see many kids there. 2) Tuesday is our league final. It will be at Riverside Park. Boys run at 4:45 and girls at 5:15. At this point, both teams are in first place, however, the girls must win the meet to capture the league title. ( The last meet is worth double toward the title.) All conference kids will be honored after this meet as well.  3) I realize there is a school break this week. Here is our practice schedule for Wednesday – Saturday. Wednesday’s practice is at 3:00, the same as every other day. All kids should be at this practice. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we will practice at 9:00 AM. I will require all varsity kids be at these practices unless they talk to me ahead of time and I’m satisfied they will run on their own. All non varsity kids should run on their own at home. ( I will be the only coach at these practices because our teacher/coaches are required to be at the conference.)  4) I want to keep you informed on the regional meet next week. Everybody on the team will run at regionals. Our top 7 will represent us in the regional meet, while everyone else will run in the PROM – post regional open meet. The regional is at Allendale High School. All other details will come out next week. The top 3 teams in the regional will qualify for the MHSAA final on November 5. If our teams qualify, I want the whole team in attendance. We will have 2 buses to the final at MIS. Again, details to follow if we qualify.  Please keep the teams in your prayers. I have challenged the teams to pray each day for each member of the team. Many are taking this challenge to heart! It’s been great to witness a more caring attitude going through the team as we talk about “life” and non-running things in our orb.  Hope to see you all Tuesday, Doug