Cross Week of 9-7-20

    I hope you had a restful Labor Day weekend. Cross country is now in high gear for the remainder of the season. Before I get into details of the week, let me give you some news from the governor. Although all high school fall sports are once again allowed, we all now must wear masks for all practices and meets. This means all of our athletes and coaches must be masked up unless they have a doctor’s note saying that this is unsafe for them. I honestly have a big problem with this, but it appears to be a mandate for now, so we must abide by this. 
    This week Wednesday is our first OK White Jamboree of the season. It is for our top 8 runners only. All others will practice. Because the meet is at Gainey, the Wednesday practice will meet at school at 3:30, not at Gainey as we have the last couple weeks. Parents of those racing at Gainey may come to the race provided they will work the meet as we did when we hosted FHE a couple weeks ago. NO OTHER FANS MAY ATTEND. For those working, please report to the concession area by 4:00 to get your assignment. Thanks so much for helping out!
    This Saturday, we travel to South Christians home course located at 7676 Kalamazoo. We will sit our top 8 runners so that everyone else on the team can participate in this meet. Once again, no fans will be allowed into this event. Here are details for the day:
Buses leave from school at 7:30
Boys Varsity runs at 9:00
Boys JV at 9:45
Girls Varsity at 10:30
Girls JV at 11:15
There will be 1 return bus back to school after the meet. 
    Just looking ahead a bit to next week. On Wednesday, September 16, we will host one section of the OK White JV meet. All those who did not run the Wednesday before will run this meet. 
    I think that is all for this week. Please continue to pray for us as we navigate a most unusual season, Doug