Cross Week of 9-27

    I hope you enjoyed the races at home today. Thanks so much for all of you who volunteered and helped us pull off this large event. We couldn’t do it without you! Thanks too for the food & drinks at the tent. I know the kids loved it!
    This coming week we have just one meet and that is at Otsego High School. Just like our race today, tickets will be purchased on line, no cash. Here is their note on this- “First, our district has gone to no cash parking/ticket sales. All parking passes are $10 per car load and MUST be purchased online. When purchased, they will be emailed a pass that they can print off or have accessible on their phones and simple show to be scanned upon arrival. Passes are good for a one time use, and they will expire after used once. In order to save time and hassle, please make this link available to all parents and potential spectators prior to the meet: 
 Here are more details for the day:
Bus departs school at 7:15
Girls varsity runs at 10:00
Boys varsity runs at 10:25
Girls JV run at 10:55
Boys JV run at 11:25
We will have one return bus after the races. 
That’s it for this week. Please continue to pray for the team & coaches, we do appreciate it! Thanks, Doug