Cross Week of 9-23

Thanks for helping make the CFE meet a success at The Gainey Saturday. It’s nice to have Saturday home meets, but it really takes a lot of work, and we couldn’t host them without your help. THANKS!!
This coming week, we have just one meet at Otsego. The course is flat and fast, and hopefully the weather will cool a bit to produce some new PR’s for our team. Here are the details the day:
Buses depart from school at 7:30
Girls varsity races at 10:00
Boys varsity races at 10:25
Girls JV races at 10:55
Boys JV races at 11:25
Awards at 12:15
We will have one return bus home after the event. 
I hope you all hear some things about our practice sessions, but in the event you are not, let me give you some info on one thing we do. Each Thursday, we have “Accountability Thursday.” We encourage the kids in 6 things that will aid their running when not running. They are:
1) Rest – high schoolers need 8 plus hours a sleep each night. In addition, the body loves routine, so get to bed roughly the same time each night.
2) Water – we need to hydrate every day. Drink about 1 ounce of water per pound you weigh each day.
3) Diet – premium fuel. Eat food good for you versus junk food. ( NOT LESS FOOD)
4) Relationships – With God and family and friends must be right. Daily devotions are important. 
5) Iron/ferritin – If you need iron, you’d better be taking it, with a doctor’s consultation. At least eat iron rich foods.
6) Finish each day by rolling, stretching, and icing. Even if nothing hurts, try to always do this.
Thanks for your continued prayer for our team. See you soon, Doug