Cross Week of 9-13

It was good to race again at South Christian Saturday, and good to see a number of fans in attendance. There were dozens of PR’s or season’s bests on a course that often runs a little slow. Check out our results grid at  Many of the PR’s were several minutes faster than they’ve ever run!
I’m going to try to bring you up to date on our schedule, but the postponed race on Wednesday will need to be made up, so there are a couple different possibilities for this week. As it stands now, our JV runners ( any not in the top 8 ) are scheduled to run this Wednesday at home. Boys will run at 4:30 and girls at 5:15. HOWEVER, it is possible the postponed race from last Wednesday will be moved to that date with the JV race then happening on Tuesday. I will try to keep you posted as soon as I know. No matter the day your child runs, the race times are boys at 4:30 and girls at 5:15. In addition, I have been told each athlete is allowed one spectator into Gainey. I also need 15-25 people to work as course marshals, so if you signed up to work, you will also be able to enter. If your child is running, you do not need to contact me, just assume we will be able to find a spot for you to work. For those working, please show up at the concession area for your assignment. Course marshals see the kids go by a minimum of 4 times. Please park at COS and walk in. There will be NO BUSES for the kids. They should arrive by 3:30. 
That brings us to Saturday. Once again we will be at Gainey, this time a dual against South Christian. Boys run at 9:00 and girls at 9:45. Again, we get one spectator per athlete, plus those of you who can/will work. Workers please meet at concession area by 8:30. Kids need to arrive by 8:00 – NO BUSES. 
I think that’s it for now. Thanks for your prayers for the team! Doug