Cross Week of 8-24

It was great to return to racing after a rather long lay off! Thanks so much to our parent volunteers and streamers for helping to pull off our race safely, all while allowing those not able to attend to still watch. We love our parent support!
I have had requests for our schedule, and I’m going to show you what is being worked on right now so you can adjust your schedule . Please don’t hold me tightly to this as things seem to change often. Some of it has not been confirmed, but is hopeful. 
Benzie – August 29 – 10 runners plus 2 coaches per team per Benzie limit.
OK White # 1 – September 9 – 7 runners. Some coaches attend, some practice with the rest of the team.
CSI – September 12 – Plan now is less teams, but entire squad. I wouldn’t be surprised if they limit numbers too. It might be a good race to let our second seven run varsity. 
OK JV # 1 – Sept 16 – @ Gainey vs FHC & EGR – again, split coaching staff
OK White # 2 – September 23 – 7 runners, split coaches.
September 26 – CFE – We get 2 teams of 7 per team. ( They run in different races.) All coaches present. 
OK JV # 2 – September 30 – @ Gainey vs Northview & FHN, split coaches
Otsego – October 3 – Looks like we will get invited to a smaller meet with 7 runners, split coaches.
OK White # 3 – October 7 – 7 runners, split coaches.
OK JV # 3 – October 14 – @ Gainey vs EGR, split coaches
County Meet – October 17 – Not sure, but likely 10 or less runners – split coaches
OK White Final – October 21 – 7 runners, split coaches
Last Chance JV meet – October 27 – @ Otsego. JV only, but might get cancelled, split coaches if it happens.
Regionals – October 31 – Top 7 only. Whole coaching staff.
 I’ve also requested a few other dates for us to host dual or JV meets. I’m not sure they are all needed now, so please comment and let’s hear your opinion. For the ones we decide that only “JV’s” run, we should have a split staff. Those dates are all Friday, but with some of the cancellations could be Saturday. The dates are:
Sept 11
Sept 18 ( no MSU )
Oct 2 
Oct 9  ( no Portage )
Oct 16 – not sure I still want this since we host County.
As you look at this schedule, it’s obvious Wednesday will be a big meet day with either varsity or JV racing beginning September 9. For this Wednesday though, with school only online, we want to meet at Gainey at 3:30.  We will practice until 5:30. Athletes need to park and enter at COS. We will likely do this next Wednesday too. 
Here briefly are details for Benzie. We are allowed only 10 runners per team, the first ten on the team for each race Saturday. THERE ARE NO SPECTATORS ALLOWED AT BENZIE, SO PLEASE DON’T MAKE THE TRIP. Benzie is also limiting our coaches to two per team. The race will be streamed though at   We have a very tight schedule at Benzie for sure. Our bus will depart school at 7:00 AM. We can arrive no earlier than 10:15, so we will do some warming up off site. Boys race at 10:45 and girls at 11:15. There are 7 total teams in our race, but we will be competing against others in another race too. ( times will calculate the two races for final race place.) We must leave the site by 12:15. Because we can’t take the whole team, we are planning to skip our traditional beach time at Frankfort and return home. We plan to order subway and eat at a park on the way home.  I estimate we will get back 3:30 – 4:00.
I think that’s it for this week. We continue to covet your prayers, Doug