Cross Week of 8-17

    We have some good news to share this week in the midst of cancellations and postponements. Thanks to permission from our athletic director Jason Heerema, event coordinator Dick VanderKamp, and Calvin College, we will be hosting our first meet of the season this Saturday at Gainey vs Forest Hills Eastern. We are very happy and excited to host, but realize there are several new protocols we need to put in place for this to happen. The good news is we have a meet in which every member of our team can run. The bad news is that we can have NO spectators in attendance. ( This looks like the norm for every meet for a while.) However, we could use about 15 parent volunteers to pull this off. The volunteers will screen athletes upon entry, staff the course at every turn and intersection,  be guards at entrances, and in general remind/enforce our COVID protocols. All volunteers and athletes not running will be required to wear a mask. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact me ASAP and we will take the first 15 parents. We are working on setting up other meets at Gainey as well, so I’ll keep you informed.  Deb and I have designed a rather simple 5K course that takes place on the north side of the drive and loops by volunteers fairly often. The south side of the drive near the Prince Center will be used for athletes cooling down thereby keeping them separate from the second race. In addition to course volunteers, I wonder if there are any parents from our team capable of videoing the race, either by drone or golf cart, and live streaming it. If so, that would open up the race to all who’d like to watch. Please contact me if this is something you could do. By the way, race times are boys at 9:00 and girls at 9:45. Volunteers need to arrive by 7:45. Teams can arrive at 8:00. I need to verify with school if  our team must arrive by bus or if we can allow kids to show up on their own. I’ll let the team know this week. All athletes, coaches, and volunteers must leave the Gainey by 10:45.
    We have a few other items of news as well: 1) Please remember, all practices are now mandatory. If your child can not make practice for any reason, have them contact me personally. I like it if they take the responsibility to do this and not a parent. Please also remember that each person on the team is expected to screen themselves this season prior to arriving at school. We assume if they are in school they are healthy. We will not be doing a separate screening before practice. 2) We have team pictures scheduled for Thursday at 3:30. Kids need to wear their camp shirt or a gray t-shirt if they don’t have a camp shirt. 3) Uniforms will be passed out Friday at practice. 4) If you are interested in new running shoes or running gear, you can get 20% off at Gazelle by using team code GRCXC20  – good on line or at the store. ( for some reason this information didn’t post at eagles ) 5) Practice Monday & Tuesday remains at 8:00 AM. Beginning Wednesday, we go to after school. 
    I think that’s it for this week. It’s very exciting to start this season after a rather uncertain spring and summer. I continue to be grateful for your support and prayers! Doug