Cross Week of 11-8

    What a great day at MIS yesterday! The kids performed so well and we left with 6 all-state runners and a second place trophy. I am so grateful to God to have been a small part of this. I’m also grateful to all of you for your support all season. What a spread of food yesterday alone! Thank you so much! 
    We do have a few items for you to be aware of however. First, all uniforms and sweats must be returned. Please have them washed, pockets emptied, and all pins removed. We have 2 turn in days this week, on Monday & Tuesday right after school in the AC lobby. ALL uniforms must be returned even if doing track. In the past I’ve let track kids keep them, but I’d like to inventory them and inspect them this time, so ALL must be returned. This includes the new uniforms recently passed out to the state team.
     Second, our team banquet is scheduled for Monday, November 22 at 6:00 in the AC gym. We will supply pizza, place settings, and drinks. Please bring either a salad or dessert to share. If you have a child is either a junior or senior, have them arrive at 5:30 to help with set up.
     Third, kids of the team will soon get a email where they can vote for rookie of the year and team MVP. ( girls vote for girls and boys vote for boys. )
     Fourth, we’ve been telling the kids that we’d like to move their break from training to Christmas break. If they are not injured or involved in a winter sport, we invite them to join us as we train together, starting tomorrow. As we did for cross all season, we will meet in the AC lobby. In addition, we invite them to run the Michigan Meet of Champions on Saturday, November 13 in Shepherd, MI. The web site for that meet is   I know several Eagles are planning to run. 
    I believe that is it for now. Thanks again for your great support this season, Doug