Cross week of 10-5

    The great weather, combined with a fast course, brought lots of fast times Saturday at Otsego. It was also nice to get a preview of our regional course. Here are details for this week:
    This Wednesday we run OK White jamboree # 3 at Byron Center. The course is located at the West Athletic Complex located at 8654 Homrich SW – zip 49315. This is a varsity race only, for the top 8 times from our race in Otsego. Race times are 4:30 for boys and 5:15 for girls. As we have done the last couple weeks, those not racing will practice on their own. For those racing, our bus will leave from school at 2:45. I will notify school that your son or daughter will be leaving on line school in time to catch the bus. ( 2 spectators per athlete allowed. )
    This Saturday we return to Gainey to race Calvin Christian and Potters House. This race will be for those who didn’t run Wednesday at Byron Center. Race times are boys 9:00 and girls 9:45. Please have your child arrive 1 hour before racing. Once again, 2 spectators per athlete allowed. 
    We are now less than 2 weeks away from our County Meet. We have nearly 30 teams coming, so I would love to get some volunteer help at this meet. We need course marshals, team escorts ( take teams to their area ), finish chute help, and misc help in unforeseen areas. If you can/will help, please let me know. I would also love any sponsor money either from your business or individually to help our team. All money goes right into our CC gift account and is used for the team. 
    Finally, you may have heard that we now have a pre-regional meet before our actual regional. This is part of the MHSAA tournament in order to advance to the regional and hopefully the final. That meet date is Friday, October 23 at South Christian. There will be 8 schools at this meet with the first 4 teams advancing to the regional on October 31. I don’t have any other details on this meet yet, but will soon I believe. Because of this added meet, we MAY change our OK White final date. This is still under discussion by AD’s and coaches, so I’ll let you know when I know. In addition, it looks like the finals date may change as well to keep crowd and race sizes down at MIS. Again, I’m not positive on any of this yet. I’ve only heard rumors and nothing from the MHSAA or Jason H yet, so I’ll wait to send out details until then. 
    I believe that is it for this week. Thank you so much for your support in every way, but especially your prayers! See you at the races, Doug