Cross Week of 10-25

    We have entered the final 2 weeks of the season, with the regional meet Saturday at Allendale High School. As we always do, we have a goal of getting our teams through to the final meet. To do this, our team must finish in the top 3 in the regional. We are allowed to only run 7 in the regional meet, but all will still run because there is also a Post Regional Open Meet ( PROM ). The PROM is an open meet, so parents, siblings, friends, etc can all enter and run. Our regional team is the top 7 runners from our meet Wednesday, plus the next 2 runners as alternates. The alternates will only run the regional if one of our first 7 can’t run for some reason. If the alternates are not needed, they will compete in the PROM. Here are details for the day:
Regional team plus alternates bus departs at 9:15
All others depart at 11:15
Girls varsity race at 12:15
Boys varsity race at 1:15
Girls PROM at 2:45
Boys PROM at 3:30
Return bus around 4:45
    We will be talking to the team about practices going forward after this week, but we really would like to keep kids running until Christmas break before taking some time off. ( Injured kids should take a break from running as soon as the season is over until they have 2 weeks of no pain. ) Off season running is very helpful for development, but is also much more laid back. We hope you will encourage your kids to continue running if they are not doing a winter sport. 
    Please continue to pray for the team and coaches. We really appreciate it. I hope to see you in Allendale Saturday, Doug