Cross week of 10-15

First of all, thanks so much for all the great help at the meet yesterday. We simply couldn’t host these meets without you. I know the temperature wasn’t ideal, but all of you kept at your post and did a marvelous job. It’s nice to hear from other coaches and fans that they enjoy the event, and I heard that again yesterday, so THANK YOU!!! 
We now head into the final few weeks of the season, with at most only three more meets. Each meet is a championship meet. The first meet is our conference final at Middleville High School. We do have do select a varsity 7 for this meet, unlike the previous conference races. Here are race details on the day:
Girls varsity race at 4:00
Boys varsity at 4:30
Girls JV at 5:00
Boys JV at 5:45
Brief trophy presentation after the last race. 
Because we start earlier, we will have early dismissal for our varsity and a few alternates. I’m still working with school on the exact time. All others will ride the second bus at 3:00. There will be one return bus to school. I know there is a choir concert on Tuesday as well, but I believe we should end on time for that provided those in the concert don’t take the bus back. 
I also know Wednesday is an unusual school day with some classes taking tests, some a half day,  and others off altogether. We however, will have practice at the normal time on Wednesday. In addition, I’d also like to have practice on Saturday morning for the varsity and alternates as we prepare for the state regional meet. That practice will be at 9:30 AM for them. And finally, a heads up on the following week when school is off Thursday and Friday for the teachers convention. We will have practice both days at our normal time, 3:00 PM. 
As always, thank you for keeping the team in your prayers! See you Tuesday at Middleville, Doug