Cross Country Update 5-31

Parents & Athletes:
    Here is my promised update on where we stand as we end the month of May. As you no doubt know, the governor has extended the stay at home order until June 12. This order, and the directives from the MHSAA means we need to adjust our plans in the following ways:
    Our scheduled June 5 kick-off is cancelled. While it’s disappointing to not carry on this annual tradition, I will try to give you all information usually passed out at this event. Besides just meeting and greeting new families, schedules, summer running plans, and camp brochures are available. Our season meet schedule is attached, so that’s easy enough. Details of each meet are emailed the week of the meet. Our summer training plans are at  Simply go to our home page and highlight “training log”. This will take you to our week’s plan. It is expected that each team member work out at least 6 days a week and record what they are doing here. For the time being, that is the only way coaches are permitted to be in contact with the team. The MHSAA will not allow any coach to athlete contact in person until at least June 12. For that reason, our summer training at my house can’t begin until at least Monday, June 15. Please plan on our beginning then unless I email with other plans. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is that kids are training on their own. I know it’s not as fun, but every team in the state is dealing with this, and the teams that are able to still work out will be way ahead of those that decide to not do anything. 
    This brings us to camp. I have been in contact with the camp manager, and at this point camp is still a go. He is getting constant directives from the DNR on how to safely run camp. As you can guess, the goals he is given are changing weekly. Because of the virus, I’m quite concerned that camp may not have enough registrations to pay our camp bills. So here is what I need to do. We need at least 40 high schoolers and 30 middle schoolers at camp to pay for rent, food, and t-shirts. The camp manager is going to allow me to cancel with no penalty until June 22. So, we need to have at least our minimum number by that time or I will be forced to cancel this year’s camp. On most years camp forms really start rolling in at the kick-off and continue coming in right up until camp starts. If you’re planning to send your child to camp, please get me the forms and payment by June 22. I will not cash any checks until camp is confirmed. If we are forced to cancel camp, your check will be mailed back. Thanks for understanding in view of these special circumstances this summer. Remember, camp brochures can be found at  While there, please subscribe to our mailing list. All letters from me will also be posted there so you can read past letters all season. 
If you have questions, please email me at
I appreciate your prayers now and throughout the coming season.