Cross Begins

I’m happy to announce that our season officially begins on this Wednesday, August 12. We will meet at 8:00 AM  near the entrance to the stadium. Plan on two hours for our practices.  When school begins, our practice sessions will take place after school and go until 5:15.  All practices beginning Wednesday are mandatory, meaning attendance is expected. Any not there should give me advance notice on the day or days they will miss.   Please remember all Freshmen and those participating in high school athletics for the first time, must have a passed physical on file at school in order to practice. For all returning athletes, in any sport, they must have a signed consent form on file at school. ( This is new for this year only.)  Thanks for taking care of this before Wednesday, as I can’t allow them to practice without it. 
It probably goes without saying that this season will look quite different than our usual one. I ask you to please hang in there as we figure this season out and what we can and can’t do. At this time, it doesn’t look like fans will be allowed in most, if not all, venues. Hopefully the virus will get more under control soon and some restrictions can be lifted. 
Finally, I wanted to give a quick camp report. While social distancing is very difficult for kids, we really did a very good job of running camp safely. The place has never seen so much bleach, or been cleaned so often. Overall, our plan worked well, and is being used by Rick as a blueprint for the next CC team that heads there this week. ( Holland Christian )
Please be sure to contact me if you have any questions. Email works best, but you may also call at 723-6345. As always, please be sure to pray daily for our team.
Thanks, Doug