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Thanks, Doug!!

Here is the link to the story online at mlive.com …..


GRAND RAPIDS — While it’s not unusual for a freshman girl to make an immediate impact on the cross-country circuit, there is an unusual influx of exceptional ninth-grade runners on the courses of …

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1) Both Madelyn and Tinsae are able to push themselves very hard in races. Neither likes to lose and both are quite competitive. 
2) Both PR’s are at Otsego, a fast course to be sure. – Tinsae 16:37  and Madelyn 18:07
3) Again, both contribute to our team with a willingness to do anything for the team and great attitudes.
4) Madelyn ran MS and has trained for several years. Tinsae only ran some in MS, and not any last year. We knew from camp a couple years ago that he had lots of ability, but he didn’t decide to run until summer. 
5) From Madelyn’s middle school times we did figure she would immediately make a big impact for our team, and she has. For Tinsae, we knew he could do quite well, but boys typically take longer to develop than girls, so to have him in our top 5 is a pleasant surprise.
6) As mentioned earlier, there attitude makes coaching them very enjoyable. Both are always smiling and happy to be at practice.

Doug Jager, GR Christian

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This is Loren Hirt, sports editor for MLive.com and the Advance Newspapers.
We are planning to publish a feature article on the influx of superb freshmen running cross country this fall.
Could you please answer a few questions regarding Madelyn Frens & Tinsae Nelson for this article?

  • What are his/her specific strengths as a runner, teammate, and/or leader?

  • What is his/her PR time? Where did he/she run that?

  • Does he/she provide other contributions to the team, as well?

  • What type of training has he/she had before high school to be able to make such an immediate impact?

  • Did you know beforehand that he/she would be this competitive so quickly?

  • Anything else you can think of that makes him/her unique?

Thanks for your help in promoting your cross country program!!


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