Cross week of Oct 29

What a day in Allendale yesterday, as both teams advance to the finals at MIS next Saturday! We are so thankful and humbled to represent GR Christian next Saturday as we race together one last time. Although only 7 can run, our state team includes the top 12 times from yesterday, or a top 12 time on the year. ( Yesterday’s top 12 were also are top 12 times.) All in that group are expected to practice all week and attend the state meet in uniform with spikes, prepared to run. Although unlikely we would need an alternate on race day, it has happened before, and we want them ready. Anyone not in the top 12 may practice next week as well, but it is not mandatory. In addition, we expect everybody on the team at the meet. It’s always a fun day as we celebrate the season. We will have two buses to the meet and back. Here are details for the day:
State team ( 12 each team) meets at school at 8:15 for brief devotional
State team bus leaves at 8:30
JV bus leaves at 9:15
Boys run at 1:30
Girls run at 2:50
Awards at 4:15 ( If the team should get a trophy, we want the entire team on the podium. )
We will have food at the finals, plus we will have the buses stop for dinner. Kids should be able to call for rides as buses get close to school, but expect them back 8:30-9:00PM. 
Finally, I’m working with school on our banquet date and will notify you this week when it’s nailed down. 
Thanks so much for your support all season. We appreciate your continued prayers as we try to finish running well.