Cross week of Aug 29

Parents: What a great day at Benzie Saturday. The kids raced very well in the rain and we had a nice relaxing lunch at Frankfort after the run. I’ve also been informed there was a “timing glitch” a Benzie. The glitches added about 3 seconds to everyones recorded time. As a result, all times have been adjusted on to 3 seconds faster.   Here is information for this week: 1) We will have optional weight lifting again Monday morning at 7:15. We will end by 8:00 so kids will be able to shower and eat before classes begin. 2) The long sleeve dry-fit shirts will be here soon. Just to remind you, the actual cost is $17.00, but you can purchase them from me for $10.00. If you opt to not purchase one, you child will need to return it to me at the end of the year.  3) Please consider helping at one of our two large invites that we host – the Cougar/Falcon at the Eagles nest (CFE) or the County meet. Thanks! We can not host meets without parent help.  We can also still take more race sponsors if you or your business is interested. All money goes right into our gift account.  Cost is $400.00. Thanks again! 4) I don’t know if you are aware that we have a “spike bank” in our garage. Not sure you want to buy spikes? Maybe we have your size. You are welcome to take a pair free if we have the right size for your son or daughter.  5) This coming weekend is Labor Day. We will have no organized practices on Friday, Saturday, or Monday. Your child will be given workouts for each of these days and is expected to complete them. I’m sure kids will organize into small groups to run together.  6) The week after Labor Day, we have two meets. Both will be held at South Christian’s athletic complex. The first is Wednesday, September 7 and the second Saturday, September 10. Details next week.  Thanks so much for you support! Please continue to lift the team up in prayer, Doug