Cross week of 9-11-17

What a beautiful day to run yesterday at South Christian. The weather was near ideal to race and watch. Here are details for this week:
    Yoga returns this week. As always, we meet at 7:00 AM Monday in the Quest. It’s a great start to the day and week.
    This week we have a rare Friday meet. The meet is located at Forest East Akers Golf Course located on the campus of Michigan State. Because the meet is during the school day, we will need to dismiss the kids at 10:10 AM. Here are the race times –
 Girls varsity races in the elite division at 1:15
Boys varsity races in the elite division at 2:00
Girls JV at 2:20
Boys JV at 2:50
Please leave plenty of time to get in and out of this large, crowded meet. We hope to leave for home between 5:00 and 6:00. 
    Because our meet is on Friday, we will practice on Saturday. Part of our practice we will help with the Super Eagle 5k. Practice begins at 7:45. Meet at the stadium. Breakfast will be provided after the race/practice. 
    The CFE meet is now less than 2 weeks away on September 23. We still could use some help in the parking lot if you are able. Please contact me to sign up. 
    That’s all for this week. Please continue to pray for us, Doug