Cross week of 8-21

    We have a busy week in cross country, with special things happening nearly every day. Here are those things:
    On Monday we have our first yoga session. Kids need to be at the Quest by 7:00AM for the class. We will be done by 8:15, leaving time to shower and eat breakfast. They need to wear comfortable cloths and running shoes. 
    Tuesday the girls will get their uniform and sweats. Each person is responsible for all school issued items. Please stress with your child the importance of taking care of his uniform. The boys will get their uniform and sweats on Thursday.
    Wednesday is our annual alumni race. The race takes place at our home course at the Gainey Fields on East Paris. The kids need to find their own ride to this event. They need to be to the Gainey by 4:30 to walk the course and warm up. The race begins at 6:00. Think you can beat your child in a 5K? Then lace em up and go toe to toe. For this race, all family, friends, or alumni may race along side the Eagles. Please plan on a brief parents meeting right after the race, at about 6:45. Meet near the concession stand. 
    Thursday is a shoe buying event at Gazelle Sports on 28th street. Our team will get 15% off all training shoes and 20% off all spikes. Gazelle usually puts out some free stuff as well as snacks too. The special prices go from 6-9PM Thursday night. If you need shoes, this is a great price with assistance from a knowledgable staff. 
    On Saturday we travel to Benzie High School for our first official race of the season. We will be traveling to this race by motor coach. We will leave from High School at 5:45AM. I know it’s early, but kids can sleep on the bus. For those that live on the north side, we will stop at the Post Drive exit on 131 about 6:10AM to pick you up. Please be sure your child is on time. Even with the early departure, we need to hustle to get there on time. Following the races and awards, we will travel to Frankfort to spend a few hours at the beach. The town has several nice restaurants for the kids to grab lunch, so please be sure to send some money along. Also, don’t forget a swim suit, towel, and change of cloths. For those still wanting more after the alumni race, Benzie offers an open race at 8:00AM. Here are the race times for our kids:
Girls varsity – 10:10 AM
Boys varsity – 10:45 AM
Girls JV – 11:15 AM
Boys JV – Noon
Awards – 12:45PM
    Finally, two items. The first is a brochure for the Super Eagle 5K. This event takes place on September 16 and benefits our middle school. Our team will be helping some at the meet, but some of you may want to run. All information regarding volunteering and registration can be found at  
    The second item is the attached article written by Dr Kornoelje having to do with low ferritin and other blood issues. I really recommend your child get tested for low ferritin/iron. The effect of low ferritin on a runner is dramatic. I estimate most girls, and some boys, should be taking an iron supplement. However, the only way to find out is by a simple blood test. If you have any questions, please ask Dr. K. 
    Please continue to pray for us all season. Thanks!! Doug