Cross week of 8-15

Parents: We begin our second week of official practices. Here are details to know: 1) Practices will be 8:00 AM – 10:15 both Monday and Tuesday. However, Freshmen need to run on their own Tuesday so they can attend their “practice day of classes”.  Meet in the all city lobby to start each practice.  2) Beginning Wednesday, all practices will run 3:00 – 5:15, right after school. Again, meet in the all city lobby. We have our own locker rooms to change into running attire.  Your child is highly encouraged to take a lock and secure their valuables while practicing.  3) Thursday is our team picture day. Please have your child wear their camp shirt. If they didn’t attend camp, get as close to slate blue as possible. Each team members has been offered an order form for pictures. Please return by Thursday to get individual or team pictures. More order forms are available if needed. 4) Our annual alumni race is next Tuesday, August 23 at the Gainey complex. It will begin at 6:00. We will have NO team transportation to the Gainey. Please have your child at the Gainey by 4:15. We will tour the course and warm up together before the race. Besides our team, anybody can run in this race. Parents, siblings, friends, alumni, etc. Lace em up and start the trash talking! Run along side the Eagles you will be cheering for the next 12 weeks. There will be a brief parent meeting right after the race near the concession stand while the team cools down.  5) Our race at Benzie on August 27 is less then 2 weeks away. More details next week, but the buses will leave at 5:45 AM. (we will make a stop in the Rockford area on 131 to help our North side families.) Following the races we will take the team to the beach at Frankfort. (weather permitting).  We thank you for your support and prayers, Doug