Cross week of 10-8

It was good to leave Portage without getting soaked in rain. Despite the forecast, it remained for the most part dry, and even quite warm at times. Here are details for this week:
We will NOT be holding morning practice this Monday, and probably the rest of the season. It is very dark now in the morning and we prefer the kids get a little extra sleep. 
This Wednesday some of the school has a half day while the rest end at the normal time. We will practice at our normal time and place. I know this may not be the best for everyone, but we simply don’t have coach coverage for those with a half day. Thanks for understanding!
This week Saturday we return to the Gainey and the County Meet. I know several of you have volunteered to help at this meet. Thanks so much, and please arrive by 8:00. Report to the concession area for your assignment. There will be no bus transportation to this meet. The kids need to arrive by 8:45. For this meet, we will run 10 kids in the varsity race. Here are race times:
Boys varsity 10:30
Girls varsity 11:00
Boys JV 11:30
Girls JV 12:05
Awards 12:45
I really appreciate your help at this meet as we host this meet alone.  By the way, we will be right back at the Gainey for the conference final on the following Tuesday. 
If your child is going to footlocker, please get your $80.00 in soon, and don’t forget to enter the race at  – midwest regional
I just want to end this note by telling you a little about what we call accountability Thursday. Each Thursday we talk about the following 6 things that can improve our running when not running. I will just list them briefly here, but hopefully your child can discuss them in more detail. 1) Sleep – we emphasize 8 plus hours a day. 2) Hydration – drink lots of water. 3) Diet – put “premium fuel in the tank.” 4) Iron/ ferritin – eat lots of iron rich food, and/or take iron supplements if your doctor suggests. 5) Devotions – every day. 6) Roll, stretch, and ice after every run. We have 30 rollers and bags of ice at our meeting place.
Thanks for your continued prayers, Doug