Cross week of 10-30

    It was a great day yesterday in Allendale. Besides both teams winning a regional title, we had about one third of the team run their fastest race of the season. Despite the on and off rain, the course held up fairly well. We now head to MIS and our final meet of the season. Before giving you details of Saturday, here are other items to be aware of:
    There is NO yoga tomorrow, so the kids can all sleep in! I’m sure they will appreciate the extra rest. 
    We told the kids the state team would be those that ran the top 12 times yesterday, or had a top 12 time for the season. Those kids are expected to continue to practice all week and will be either running Saturday or an alternate. Alternates will wear uniforms to the meet Saturday and prepare in every way in case they are needed to race.  Any kids who are not alternates, may still practice with the team as long as they are not disruptive in any way. ( They never are.) 
    I’ve been talking to the kids about the importance of off season training. One of my favorite quotes is ” championships are won when no fans are watching.” We’ve had story after story of kids who turned into great runners by working in the off season. We will have off season training all winter for those who wish to improve. We usually take about 2 weeks off and then start up again. We will meet in our usual spot. 
    Uniform collection is always a challenge, but you can help tremendously by making sure your child turns in their uniform on one of the 2 days I have planned. Those days are Monday, November 6 or Wednesday, November 8. I will be at our team meeting spot right after school until about 3:15 both of those days. UNIFORMS AND SWEATS MUST BE CLEANED, PINS REMOVED, AND POCKETS EMPTIED. Please don’t make me chase your child down or turn their name into the office. Kids will not be allowed to take exams if they have outstanding equipment. Kids will also cast their vote for team MVP and rookie of the year here. Thanks!
    Don’t forget our banquet is Wednesday, November 15 in the all city gym from 7:00 – 9:00. Pizza, place settings, and drinks provided. Please bring a dessert or salad to share. 
    Finally, here are details for Saturday’s state final at Michigan International Speedway:
Team bus leaves at 8:15AM
JV and spectator bus leaves at 9:00AM ( If any adults want to ride, it’s always nice to have chaperones.)
Girls varsity runs at 1:30PM
Boys varsity runs at 2:50PM ( This is a new time. The MHSAA has decided to give 40 minutes for each race this year.)
    I think that is all for this week. Please continue to pray for our kids and coaches this final week. Thanks so much!