Cross week 9-7

Parents: I hope you enjoyed summer’s last gasp and are prepared now for races every week. Here are details for those races and other cross country items: This Wednesday we travel to Lowell High School for our first league meet. We compete in the OK White. All of our meets are called jamborees because we run against each school in our league all at once. We have 4 league meets taking place every other Wednesday. The first 3 meets are worth 20% of the title, while the 4th meet is worth 40%. All girls will run together at 4:45. All boys will follow at 5:30. Please remember, we will cool down together as a team after the races are completed. We will have bus transportation both to the meet and back to school after the meet.  Our second race this week is on Saturday. It is the Christian Schools Invitational at South Christians Athletic fields located on Kalamazoo near 76th street. I wish I could give you race times, but South has not announced them yet. I believe girls varsity will run at 9:30 or 10:00 with the other races to follow about every 30 minutes. We will be telling your child all race information when we get it.  Our long sleeve shirts have arrived. The kids will get them Tuesday. They are $10.00, but the kids get to keep them. Please have your child write there name on the tag for easy identification. Thanks! By now you may have heard about our annual trip to Wisconsin for the foot locker race. (I made up hand outs for the kids to take home.) For those who don’t know, foot locker is a national, regional race in Kenosha, WI. It happens the weekend of Thanksgiving. We charter a motor coach and leave on Friday, November 27 at 10:00 AM. We travel to the Comfort Suites in Kenosha. From there we take the kids to an outlet mall, swim, hot tub, and more or less have fun. We then travel to Parkside College to compete in the race and watch the high school stars from the midwest race against each other. The top 10 in that race advance to SanDiego for a final race against the best in the other 3 regions. While 90% of our team will not run hard, we will train those who wish to attempt one last PR for 2015. There is a cost – $70.00. It includes the motor coach, hotel, and breakfast on Saturday. It DOES NOT include other meals or race entry. To enter, go to  Be sure to enter the midwest region if your child will be joining us. Please make checks out to Doug Jager as I have already booked the hotel and motor coach. Return time is about 9:30 PM, Saturday night.  The Cougar/Falcon at the Eagle’s nest is right around the corner on September 26. It is the first of our 2 large invites that we host. We need volunteers to work the meet and meet sponsors. To volunteer, simply email me back and I’ll add your name to the list from our parents meeting. If you or your business would like to sponsor these races, we’d love it. 100% of sponsor money goes to our team. To sponsor the Cougar/Falcon or the County meet is $250.00. To sponsor both is $400.00. As I said before, we really appreciate it. Just contact me if you’d like to sponsor.  As always, I thank you for your prayers and support. See you Wednesday!! Doug