CFE changes

Here are a couple of last minute changes for tomorrows meet. With temps soaring into the nineties, we have decided to have Freshmen run with the JV’s and eliminate the Freshman race. Freshmen will still be able to medal though as we will pull non-freshmen out in scoring the meet. ( I hope this makes sense.) High school awards will happen at 11:35AM.  In addition, the varsity teams will now be able to run 10 kids in that race, rather than the usual 7. This will allow more kids to run early and more evenly distribute the total runners in each race. Finally, we will be sure to have plenty of water and hopefully Gatorade on hand for the kids. We also have secured another trainer monitoring the temperature and we will have an ambulance on site. 
Please pray for safety of all runners, staff, and elderly spectators, Doug